Spices, one of Indonesia’s natural resources and the most valuable commodities, have attracted the attentions of founders of PT. GUNACIPTA MULTIRASA.  The company, started in 1942 as a home industry, ground, blended and packed spices for practical and easy use.  The products were known under the brand of KOEPOE-KOEPOE. In 1989, after the legal establishment of PT. GUNACIPTA MULTIRASA, modern technology were introduced to process spices.  And to bring the customers the best spices in packaging, the company only used the highest quality spices. In 1994, the company supplied spices to kitchens of consumers around the archipelago as well as those in Australia and the United States. Along with the company restructuring, PT. GUNACIPTA MULTIRASA acquiring a well known brand called DUA BELIBIS.  Having an exceptional flavor, this chili paste immediately became the consumers’ favorite and most sought.  The brand excelled the similar products. With Manufacturing Plant located in Tangerang, Indonesia in an area of 40,000m2 and employing more than 300 people, PT. Gunacipta Multirasa is commited to be the best in producing condiments and serving the customers around the world.

Vision And Mission

Company Vision: to become the world class food and beverages company that implements an international food safety management system according to the current regulation providing wide variety superior & halal product which, guaranted the stakeholders interest
Company Mission: We will continually improve all aspects of our business using available resources and technologies to ensure exceptionally high quality products and total stakeholders’ satisfaction

Core Values

We are formed by talented people who dedicate the company with the discipline to achieve the company’s vision. We are working in the company with the sense of belonging and entrepreneurship.
We will always fulfill our commitments. We must be true to our words and back up every agreement we are engage in. We are formed by people who behave with sincerity and openness.
We will always provide products with the brand, service and quality we are very proud of.
We will not fear risk and change. We will create profitable and innovative products.
We will create a comfortable work environment and respect each other. We will apply standard of quality excellence in the company.

Achievement And Certifications

In addition, PT. Gunacipta Multirasa has obtained HACCP (Hazard Analytical Critical Control Points) certificate from Bogor Agricultural Institute (IPB). HACCP is a food safety and quality management system that is well recognized in the food industry as an international manufacturing standard. PT. Gunacipta Multirasa is very proud in upgrading its production facilities, man-power and infrastructures to meet the international standard that is required by HACCP.
PT. Gunacipta Multirasa also concern for the needs on the muslim market and it is also aligning its policy to the meet the standard from Indonesian Islamic Council (MUI). So PT. Gunacipta Multirasa is currently using the Halal Assurance System (Sistem Jaminan Halal) as part of its production system.
In 2009, PT. Gunacipta Multirasa receive a Word of Mouth Marketing Award for Sambal Dua Belibis from SWA magazine and Octovate Consulting Group for The Most Recommended Brand in chili sauce category.  The award was based on results of surveys conducted in 6 major cities with more than 1,850 respondents.  After taking a taste in the chili sauce, the respondents acknowledged that they liked the tasty Saus Cabe Dua Belibis more than other brands of similar product.
In 2010, Saus Cabe Dua Belibis received the same WoMM award again. The award was based on results of surveys conducted in 7 major cities: Jabodetabek (Jakarta and its surrounding cities), Bandung, Surabaya, Medan, Makasar, Semarang and Denpasar with 3,000 respondents. Addition on the number of respondents and surveyed city location was a method applied by surveyor to minimize the margin of error.
The awards continue to come for Saus Cabe Dua Belibis. For 2010 – 2011, Saus Cabe Dua Belibis received the Superbrands status award. The award resulted from a consumer research project by The Nielsen Company conducted in 2009.
In 2010, Koepoe-Koepoe also wins the Word of Mouth Marketing Award. The award was on the herbs and spices category.




PT. Gunacipta Multirasa has 6 different channels of distribution: traditional markets, modern markets, Horeca (hotels, restaurants, cafes and caterings), bakeries, industries and exports. All of PT. Gunacipta Multirasa’s own brands are available in all modern – chain hypermarkets, supermarkets and mini markets. They are also widely available in traditional markets in from Sumatra to Irian Jaya. And most of the products are available in Asean countries like Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong and in Asian Supermarkets in Australia, Dutch and USA.

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