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Achievement And Certifications

In addition, PT. Gunacipta Multirasa has obtained HACCP (Hazard Analytical Critical Control Point) certificate from Bogor Agricultural Instute (IPB). HACCP is a food safety and quality management system that is well recognized in the food industry as an international manufacturing standard. PT. Gunacipta Multirasa is very proud in upgrading its production facilites, man-power and infrastructures to meet the international standard that is required by HACCP. PT. Gunacipta Multirasa alse concern for the needs on the muslim market and it is also aligning its policy to the meet the standard from Indonesian Islamic Council (MUI). So, PT. Gunacipta Multirasa is currenty using the Halal Assurance System (Sistem Jaminan Halal) as part of its production system. In 2009, PT. Gunacipta Multirasa receive a Word of Mouth Marketing Award for Sambal Dua Belibis from SWA magazine and Octovate Consulting Group for The Most Recomended Brand in chili sauce category. The award was based on result of surveys conducted in 6 major cities with more than 1,850 respondents. After taking a taste in the chili sauce, the respondents acknowledged that the likes the tasty Saus Cabe Dua Belibis more than other brands of similiar product. In 2010, Saus Cabe Dua Belibis received the same WoMM award again. The award was based on results of surverys conducted in 7 major cities : Jabodetabek ( Jakarta and its surrounding cities), Bandung, Surabaya, Medan, Makasar, Semarang and Denpasar with 3,000 respondents. Addition on the number of respondent and surveyed city location was a method applied by surveyor to minimize the margin of error. The awards continue to come for Saus Cabe Dua Belibis. For 2010 - 2011, Saus Cabe Dua Belibis received the Superbands status award. The award resulted from a consumer reseach project by The Nielsen Company conducted in 2009. In 2010, Koepoe-Koepoe also wins the Word of Mouth Marketing Award. The award was on the herbs and spices category.

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