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Spices, one of Indonesia’s natural resources and the most valuable commodities, have attracted the attentions by the founders of PT. GUNACIPTA MULTIRASA. The company, started in 1942 as a home industry, ground, blended and packed spices for practical and easy to use. The products were known under the brand of KOEPOE-KOEPOE. In 1989, after the legal establishment of PT. GUNACIPTA MULTIRASA, modern technology were introduced to process the spices. And to bring the customers the best spices in packaging, the company only used the highest quality spices.

In 1994, the company supplied spices to kitchens of consumers around the archipelago as well as those in Australia and the United States. Along with the company restructuring, PT. GUNACIPTA MULTIRASA acquiring a well known brand called DUA BELIBIS. Having an exceptional flavor, this chili paste immediately became the consumers’ favorite and most sought.

The brand excelled the similar products. With Manufacturing Plant located in Tangerang, Indonesia in an area of 40,000m2 and employing more than 300 people, PT. Gunacipta Multirasa is committed to be the best in producing condiments and serving the customers around the world.

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